screen saver function does not work at all in windows 8


  • When I access Personalisation and select any screensaver and set the allotted time, non of them work at all. I did a search for screen savers and screen saver drivers and the results were "0" although in my files mystify, bubbles are listed but I cannot activate them because they I only have two check marks and if I select "trusted installer" all check marks appear but that doesn't help anything. It appears that all files listed like this don't function. I have tried copying mystify screen saver to Program files and I can change all the settings but the screen saver still doesn't work. Did a maintenance check and screensaver error came up noting it is turned on but not functioning. I am confused and sure would like to get this functioning properly. Device Manager shows no errors in this category either. I'm stymied>does anyone know how to fix this d..m function?


    Saturday, March 30, 2013 1:25 PM


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