Fine Grained Password Policy and Password expiry notification issues with intranet and Webportals


  • We have windos 2008 R2 domain and windows 7 clients.

    I've tested the Fine grained password the past weeks, and today i enabled it for everyone. During next logon users will get a password notification balloon to change their password within 14 days. Works great. No problem.

    One issue we have is that the momemt i activate the PSO, users can not connect to our intranet and some webportals.. Users did not get the password expiry notification balloon yet, because the where already logged on. Still they could not use the webportal, what was no problem minutes before i activate the PSO. If the users changed their password, they then can connect to the webportal.

    But like i said, if you already logged on you will get the notification the next time you logon, but meanwhile we can not connect to our intranet..

    What could be the problem??? Is it the authentication method with IIS 7???


    Thursday, February 07, 2013 10:43 AM

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