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  • With Windows Server 2012, after creating a successful windows server backup (full server), I am unable to do a bare metal restore of the system.

    EFI System Partition, C:, D: are the volumes on a single array (Raid 5).

    Loading WinRE and launching re-image, the full server restore stops after completing the C: restore just after beginning the D: drive restore (data volume) with the error with the message about RPC error 0x800706BA, unavailable.

    The system will not boot as a result of the failure. 

    What may be causing this?


    I think I have two things working against me here... one, Volume Shadow Copy service wasn't running in WinPE and two.. the D: volume contains data deduplication.

    I think this is causing some of my problems.

    Is there an additional service that I need to start in WinPE to get a volume that was deduplicated restored perhaps using wbadmin?

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  • Hi,

    Are you trying to restore to the original device or another computer?

    If it is another device, Please first check if there is enough disk space for restoring. Also as hardware are changed, it may occur different issues.

    Meanwhile I searched for restoring a de-duplicated volume and it seems there is nothing specifically needed. So it should not be the cause of the issue unless you are performing a "non-optimized backup and restore" which causes no enough disk space.



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    Monday, August 11, 2014 10:16 AM
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply Shaon.

    The hardware system is identical; however, I am increasing storage capacity from 12TB to 16TB.  Basically, the system is the same, just new hard drives (4x4TB versus 4x3TB).  Drives are all identical enterprise class drives and I am actually using the same system (backup, swap drives then restore).

    I tried both using the WinRE restore (re-image) with the backup set, and tried using wbadmin.  Both produce same RPC unavailable messages (although using the GUI based tool via WinRE provides the additional error code #).

    I do not have any idea what to look at to try to figure this one out.


    I was just informed of this posting:

    and in my case, this lab server does in fact act also as a DC as well as a file server...  do I need to spin up a secondary controller (perhaps in a VM on another machine) to do this restore?

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  • Hi,

    It is supported to restore the only DC from a backup so you do not need a secondary controller. Of course it is recommended to have a secondary DC as restoring your single DC will restore everything to an old date which may cause issue.

    In your current situation, I would like to confirm the size of Deduplication optimized - As I mentioned if it restored without specifying the reparse point flag it will require much more disk space and this could cause a restore to fail. 

    And could you create backup for system and data partition separately to workaround this situation?

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    Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:04 AM
  • Hello Shaon,

    I will take a look to create separate partition backups and see if perhaps manually building volumes with diskpart can work.

    As for the size of the deduplication optimized, it only was ~410GB (~1TB un-optimized.. compression was something like 56% or so).  Even though total space available on disk is 12TB, this was a continuity examination for lab validation of restoration processes to similar hardware, new (larger) capacity.

    This point was simply validation of (1) will BMR restore worked as intended and (2) during BMR for volume expansion purpose will work also.  So hopefully I can figure out what is happening.

    Regardless, I will work this weekend to try validation of separate backups of volumes and restoration in that manner.

    thanks again for the feedback and assistance.

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  • just an update...

    I was not able to successfully get a "complete" restore using BMR done at all and continued to get the RPC error message as noted before.

    I was finally able to get a partial BMR restore using Windows RE; however, it continued to fail on the D:\ partition which contains all deduplicated data.

    I managed to get the system to boot finally with only the EFI, MSR, C:\ partitions restored in tack.  The D:\ partition would be created during the preparation phase of recovery; however, again.. the RPC errors prevented any data being recovered.

    I am now in the process of a final attempt to restore the data by booting the system (however crippled), using the windows server backup tool recovery wizard to do a file/directory recovery of that partition.  I guess I will report back how that works out, but ultimately this isn't optimal.

    Monday, August 18, 2014 8:58 PM
  • So after failing all BMR attempts on the restoration of the data partition, I did get the data restored via the method mentioned previously.

    This has me very leery of using deduplication on an array split into two partitions, one for system other for data, perhaps this is the problem.. no clue.  I do not know if it was a Microsoft best practice or not to use a single partition for both.... seems to go against any ingrained logic in my mind though.

    It would be ideal to have separate physical arrays for system and data; however, this particular system is really compact and that expansion is not possible.

    Regardless, I'm still baffled as to why I would get an RPC error during this restoration process unless some inner process is missing from the environment that prevents or fails the restoration. 

    I would have to go back to one of my original thoughts in that...  "what packages or services are missing from the WinPE environment that WinRE depends on for this RPC communication to happen during a restoration of a deduplicated partition..."

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 4:24 PM