Server 2012 bug


  • I have found that after setting up visual studio 2012 I have a bug removing visual studio has not fix the issue

    I find that this bug affects all my programs

    if I am in sql server and have let the program sit idle for a while and then come back to it and then hit the back key the software will bring up a new window and get stuck in a loop so that I can't get out of this screen, if I hit Ctrl Alt Break this stops this action and I regain control.

    This also happens in excel by popping up dialog boxes for no reason and visual studio where the cursor can change position and your make changes to the wrong code.

    I know when the problem is happening when the mouse cursor starts to blink and status bar software icon options flash over and over again when mousing over 

     Ctrl Alt Break seams to work with all these situations

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