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  • I've been fiddling with a development install of Windows Media Services on Server 2008 R2 Standard, and I'm trying to configure it for a specific scenario.  And I could use some advice/links:

    We are a television company, and so our editors are constantly putting out fresh clips for producers to review.  Right now, they're all just going on a network file folder, that gets shared through IIS with Directory Browsing, and the producers download the clips they want.  Not very efficient or secure, and that's why I was hoping to use Windows Media Services.

    I installed the role okay, and I can see Microsoft's test files. But what I would like is to at least be able to show an index which simply compiles links to all the files in the folder, and when someone clicks on a link it streams on their browser.  If it has to be played in Windows Media Player, so be it, but a lot of our users run macs so I need to know how they can access it.

    We also usually produce clips in .mp4 (H.264) format, so if anybody has suggestions for an auto-converter to wmv format, that could be interesting as well.

    BTW I posted this in File Services because I'm not sure how best to classify this.

    ----------- Ron E Biggs Network Administrator Entertainment Studios

    Thursday, August 8, 2013 11:00 PM

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    For Windows Media specific question, you could post in this forum:

    Streaming Media Services

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