dm_os_ring_buffers :RING_BUFFER_OOM' RRS feed

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  • ;WITH rb
    AS (
    SELECT CAST (record as xml) record_xml FROM sys.dm_os_ring_buffers
    WHERE ring_buffer_type = 'RING_BUFFER_OOM'
    rx.value('(@id)[1]', 'bigint') AS RecordID
    ,DATEADD (ms, -1 * osi.ms_ticks - rx.value('(@time)[1]', 'bigint'), GETDATE()) AS DateOccurred
    ,rx.value('(OOM/Action)[1]', 'varchar(30)') AS MemoryAction
    ,rx.value('(OOM/Pool)[1]', 'int') AS MemoryPool
    ,rx.value('(MemoryRecord/MemoryUtilization)[1]', 'bigint') AS MemoryUtilization
    FROM rb
    CROSS APPLY rb.record_xml.nodes('Record') record(rx)
    CROSS JOIN sys.dm_os_sys_info osi
    ORDER BY rx.value('(@id)[1]', 'bigint') 

    what's the definition of MemoryPool(Pool) and MemoryUtilization(MemoryUtilization)

    Wednesday, August 12, 2020 9:56 AM

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