Direct Access machine unable to resolve local subnet host names


  • So I have setup Direct Access per the technet guide and have it working great on two windows 8 laptops.  Both laptops are able to access internal resources locally and when on external networks.

    The issue however is that the laptops are unable to ping or resolve host names of resources on the local subnet.

    So if Laptop 1 is in a remote location that has a local server, Laptop 1 connects via Direct Access and can communicate with the direct access server, but it can not ping or dns lookup the local server.  It appears that all DNS traffic is going via direct access even when the direct access server does not have a DNS entry.

    This only occurs once direct access is connected.  While it is connecting ping works correctly.

    So if  I boot Laptop 1 at a remote location and ping "LocalServer" I get a response.  Once direct access connects, and I ping "LocalServer" I get a "host could not be found" error.

    I have setup DNS in Direct Access to "Use Local name resolution for any kind of DNS resolution error (least restrictive)" but that doesn't seem to help.

    When I do an ipconfig /all I see that my direct access server DNS is first, and that seems to be the issue.  If I do an NSLOOKUP and switch to the local DNS servers, I get a valid IP.

    Anyone seen this?

    Monday, March 11, 2013 8:03 PM


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