Install root DNS server and check if cache.dns gets automatically deleted.


  • The Microsoft press book says "For computer that is hosting root DNS server,you should not use root hints at all. In this scenario ,Windows Server 2008 R2 automatically deletes the Cache.dns file used for root hints"

    I want to realize this in my lab so please tell me how can I install root DNS server?. I want to see that cache.dns file gets automatically deleted on root DNS server.
    Monday, November 19, 2012 4:42 PM


  • To make your server a Root Server, you create a zone using only a period (".").

    • Right click Forward Lookup Zones
    • Choose New Zone
    • For the zone name, just type a period (".").
    • Choose if AD integrated or not.
    • Finish the wizard.
    • Then right-click DNS server name
    • Choose Properties.
    • Click on the Root Hints tab.
    • You will see that they are no longer there.
    • Click on the Fowarders tab
    • You will also this is now grayed out - it won't allow you to create any forwarders.


    To point out why you can't create any forwarders, that's because once you create the Root zone (the period), this DNS server now thinks it knows of ALL ZONES that have ever existed. So if you configure this DNS server's IP address as a DNS address on a machine, any queries you run, the zone must exist, or it will not be able to resolve it.


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