robocopy restore


  • So I seem to be missing something with robocopy.  I see plenty of examples for implementing full and incremental backups.  What I have not been able to find is a good specific example of accomplishing a full restore and then correctly applying incrementals.

    I need to backup a large (200GB) directory once (full) and restore that to another system.  Then as changes occur in the original, do incrementals (of a size that will generally fit on a CD/DVD) that capture the correct state, including what files may have been deleted from the original.  Then apply that incremental to the target - adding and deleting as appropriate.

    Currently using:

    robocopy src dest-full /B /E /COPYALL /dcopy:T /log... (for full)

    robocopy src dest-incr /B /E /M /COPYALL /dcopy:T /log... (incremental)


    robocopy  orig-dest-full new-target /B /E /COPYALL /dcopy:T /log... (restore full)

    robocopy orig-dest-incr new-target ????? (restore incremental)

    Sorry if this seems trivial, but my attempts to restore have deleted all but new files from the target.


    Monday, May 07, 2012 9:33 PM