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  • We are currently looking at introducing multi point into a classroom environment of 23 computers, i have a number of questions and suprisingly alot of supplier etc are unwilling to help (i feel this could be due to the amount of money they would lose in the long run of us introducing this sytem to our network over buying large batches of computers)

    One main question i have is one that potentially could wipe out the whole concept. If you have for example even 6 computers on one multipoint i cant get my head around how it could for example have all 6 users running photoshop at one time? this as i am sure you know is a very power hungry program and in my mind would bring the system to its knees. So basically is multipoint able to support power hungry programs with multiple instances at one time?

    Also if anyone reading this has already introduced multipoint into a school environment is there anything that i should look out for/be aware of that may come up during this whole process. We are expecting a few bumps in the road but i dont want to have ongoing problems that will be time consuming just to keep the system up and running.

    Many thanks again for reading this and any help that is able to be offered.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011 10:05 AM


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