Screen Flashing when users log in RRS feed

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  • We are a School system and creating every student their own account would be crazy!  So what I did was create 1 student login for everyone that is a standard user.  What I am running into is when we have 15 users logging in the screens start flashing.  Is anyone else running into this?  The students will see another students screen for a couple of seconds and then it will go back to theirs.  Also when other students start signing in, the students that were already signed in their screens start flashing.


    Friday, March 22, 2013 12:44 PM


  • Hi, TechCoord. I'll have to speculate based on the limited detail here, but try these based on whatever is closest to your situation. I'll assume for the moment that you are using WMS 2011 and USB zero clients.

    1) Could at least one of the students be switching off or unplugging their zero client in addition to or instead of logging off? Losing that monitor would cause us to redraw the extended desktop that is divided up between all the monitors and would appear as a flash.

    2) Do you have the latest drivers for the USB zero clients? Not all drivers are created equal and we have seen transient station screen mis-matches on some.

    3) Have you tried auto-logon in MultiPoint Manager? I use this for most of my setups where students have a shared login. Why not just take every station direct to a desktop on reboot or logoff? That should reduce the number of end user logins per day.

    I hope this helps.


    One more thought: 15 users is a lot to run on a mainstream desktop. Does the host PC follow the guidelines at Also, 15 USB zero clients would exceed the physical maximum possible for WMS 2011 which was 14, and that could cause flashing. (Note that that limitation is not true for WMS 2012, nor any other type of client connecting to WMS 2011 or 2012.)
    Thursday, March 28, 2013 11:56 PM