Infrastructure Master and Global Catalogs


  • Hello,

    I was recently hired as a Systems Admin and am trying to get our system in line with best practices.  In my digging, I came across an article on the Microsoft site.  Here are the relevant bits:

     “Unless there is only one domain controller in the domain, the infrastructure master role should not be assigned to the domain controller that is hosting the global catalog. If the infrastructure master and global catalog are on the same domain controller, the infrastructure master will not function. The infrastructure master will never find data that is out of date, so it will never replicate any changes to the other domain controllers in the domain. 

    I have two domain controllers, both of which are global catalogs (Server 2008 R2 Standard).  One holds the PDC and RID roles and the other holds the Infrastructure role.

    Here is my dilemma/problem…  If the Infrastructure Master is sitting on a global catalog server, it won’t update so do I need to remove the global catalog from the second server?  What is the best way to resolve this?  I read another article that basically said that if all DCs are global catalogs, the Infrastructure Master doesn't have anything to do so it is o.k.  What are my options here?  I really want to make this fir best practices.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Friday, December 07, 2012 4:11 PM


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