Problems with drag and drop in Citrix


  • Running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise.  Have Citrix 4.5 Presentation server installed and using Group Profiles to restrict some functions in Windows explorer.  Specifically the Search button is removed, Security tab removed, Managed option removed.
    Main published applications are Notes and MS Office 2007.
    Some users are having problems using the drag and drop for copying files in the Open dialog box of Word or Excel.  No error message.  Can highlight the file(s) and looks normal dragging to the folder.  When the mouse key is released to drop the file(s), nothing happens and the files just appear back where started.
    This happens to random users and is not security related.  It is happening with one of our domain admins.  There are a lot of non-admin level people that do not have the problem.

    Today, (3/01) tested Notepad and WordPad.  The same problem happens so it's not related to MS Office 2007
    Monday, March 01, 2010 3:54 PM

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