Unable to access server with netbios name, can be accessed with \\ipaddress


  • We have:
    Primary server(ServerA): Windows Server 2003 x32
    Secondary Server(ServerB): Windows Server 2003 x32
    I can access secondary server by it name \\serverB and with its ipaddress from client machines but I can access Primary server with its name \\ServerA but I can access it with its ip address.

    About 4 days ago we had server failure due to CPU failure, CPU was replaced and server was put back on. One of the engineers bridged both the nic's on the ServerA thinking it will improve the network performace but since then we have issues clients logging on their machines as it says "unable to load your roaming profile" and we can't access server with its name.

    Any Suggestions Please...
    Wednesday, March 17, 2010 12:25 AM

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