NPS and Address Allocation


  • Can someone please advise how NPS and Address Allocation in the network policies work? All my books just state there are 4 options without explaining them.

    There are 4 settings:
    Server must supply an IP address   [how??]
    Client may request an IP address    [I gather this gives the client permission to get a DHCP address from the standard DHCP servers]
    Server settings determine IP Address assignment [which server settings?]
    Assign a static IP address [this one's easy - what goes in the box]

    Basically, at the end of the day, I am wanting to have 2 different network policy rules, with 2 different IP pools. If they meet the first rule, their IPv4 address comes from pool A, if they meet the second rule their IP address comes from pool B.

    I know standard radius supports IP address pools and it looks like R2 supports this for IP6 but i cant find any info for IP4.

    Any help appreciated

    Saturday, August 08, 2009 7:07 AM

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  • Hi


    I want the exact same thing. Did you ever find a solution to this?




    Thursday, December 16, 2010 2:45 PM