cluster fails repeatedly at same time each day


  • for last couple of days at least, clustered print server app on windows 2008 r2 has been failing almost exactly 2 hours apart repeatedly; its not failing over to other node but is generating event id 1069 errors, eg, at 11:49, 01:49, 3:49, 5:49, etc, these are occuring; do not see anything in print logs that raises a flag...
    lunes, 04 de junio de 2012 22:31

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  • Hi,

    is the cluster node Rebooting ? did you install a new printer driver on this cluster?

    what does the cluster validation report say ?

    Is this also the time that the backup is running or are you creating a snapshot VSS ?

    below is more info about even id 1069

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    martes, 05 de junio de 2012 7:55
  • Check for the network fluctuations/issue at that particular time, if any?. Also recommend you check for the cause by using cluster logs & events after/before 1069.

    Regards, Ravikumar P

    martes, 05 de junio de 2012 10:17
  • It's not supposed to fail over by design.  Typically cluster will restart a failed resource on the same node up to 3 times during a span of 15 minutes.  The reason is it's faster to restart on same node than fail the storage somewhere else.

    This sounds like some job is is getting kicked off which is creating sufficient pressure on OS that basic check cluster does to determine share is available fails, think of the cluster as a victim here.  One option may be to tune cluster to be more tolerant by extending the timeout value of the resource.  This might work but will mask whatever is happening on the box every 2 hours. 

    Gather a perfmon to baseline server and zoom in during the minute or two the problem occurs, do you see anything interesting?  Additionally, you can collect a xperf trace during that specific time as well.

    Last option, use notmyfault tool from sysinternals or some other method to dump the box when the 1069 is raised in the event log.

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    martes, 05 de junio de 2012 10:23
  • Hi TAKAMME, since the cluster is failing at the same time each day, have you also considered your Enterprise Virus Scanner?  It sounds like a scheduled task could be causing your clustering issue.

    please take a look at the following article "" and ensure that the exclusions are within your Enterprise Virus Scanner.  

    martes, 05 de junio de 2012 12:18
  • seem to have an answer now, checked back in logs to get a specific idea of when the 1069s started, went back a week and relaized thats when 2 new network printers added to print server - both devices are dell 2330 models - had been using dell's universal print driver; in any case, as a test, deleted these objects and the probs stopped! why this hardware causes issue and why its so periodic i dont know; have many other dell network printers using upd drivers and no probs;  came across suggestion to config printers to "print directly to printer" rather than spool - will try that...thanks for the help and thoughts!

    miércoles, 06 de junio de 2012 15:35
  • Hi

    Like in my previous post the printer driver. Did you install the driver in isolate mode ?

    You can use printer driver isolation on windows 2008r2 printer clusters.  more info can be found here:

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    jueves, 07 de junio de 2012 6:06