I can't find wireless usb adapter for windows 2008 server


  • I installe  server 2008 on my laptop because it fullfills all the recomandation.because my laptop has only build in wifi it does'nt recognize I read in internet I have to enable wireless feature in server I did it.I try now to install em4555 wireless usb adapter,but it seems it supports only windows7 32 and 64 bit and only windows server 2003 32 it doesn't work.I start looking in internet for wireless usb adapters for server 2008 64 bit.I could 'nt find any merk(I am living in netherland).I tried also to find extern wired adapter for server 2008 I could'nt find either,so I go to shops here in my small city they don't know either.I don't know anymore wat to do.

    can somebody tell me wich wireless merks  support server 2008.also if you know wich wired extern usb adapters merk support server 2008.I read in internet there are very few people who use wireless adapter and when you want to make virtual machine you must have wired adapter.

    so can you give me some advice and wich merks I have to look on  specialy wired extern usb adapters.



    domingo, 06 de febrero de 2011 15:50


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