Can not log in to Windows Server R2 Standard Error- 0xC004D401


  • After logging in to Windows Server 2008 R2, it shows "preparing desktop" after 30 seconds  a windows activation window opens that says:

    "An an unauthorized change was made to windows.  Error 0xC004D401. The security processor reported a file mismatch error."

    The two options are to click "Close" or "Learn More Online"

    - Cilcking Close, will retrun to the normal user log in screen

    -Clicking Lern More online will open the Windows Activation web page. When the web page opens it says "Windows validation was interrupted. The valiadation service is unalbe to determine weather Windows is genuine"  It also shows "The version of Windows you are running is no longer available for purchase"

    After I click Troubleshoot, the web page I have the oprtion to purchase a new copy of Windows 7  (but the computer is running Server 2008R2) or "Report counterfeit software and learn more about qualifying for a complimentary software replacement. 

    This system is aslo running SQL Server 2008.   Workstations are able to connect to the mapped drives and SQL databse.  

    How can I check the CD Key and activate with so access to the desktop? Or is there another was to resovle this issue?

    miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012 22:03


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