Server 2012 Essentials Memory issue


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  • Just to confirm that 16GB is possible....  I've got a WS2012E in production with 16GB memory and Task Manager shows 3.4 GB in Use, 12.4 GB Available. 

    Merv  Porter
    jueves, 02 de mayo de 2013 14:14
  • I did some more digging and used my wonderful tool, win-to-go, to isolate hardware/software. It appears the bios is allocating the missing 8GB to hardware and there is not way to stop it?

    it's old series one i7 on MSI so if anyone knows WTF, let me know. I have tried several different video cards and also tried booting without, does not like.

    Rob Wilde

    jueves, 02 de mayo de 2013 21:58
  • Hiya,

    Seen something similar on an old Asus mobo when reaching the theoretical ceiling for Gb Ram. Try running a BIOS update and check all the settings in there, if not too painful can always try to restore the default BIOS settings too.

    [Edit] Blast, meant to mention also check the limit on what the Mobo can take gb wise, you may be already at it (although I doubt it)
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    viernes, 03 de mayo de 2013 10:28