W2K8R2 : How to safely take a Windows Service cluster resource offline


  • I'm looking for a safe way to take a Custom Windows Service offline. My problem is that this custom service sometimes hangs during stop. The problem will be fixed, but in the meantime, killing the corresponding process would be necessary after a given delay. I also need a way to confirm that the process has stopped.

    The goal is to prevent a failover to occur in this scenario.

    Stop-ClusterResource cmdlet would be a start.

    Any Help appreciated.

    viernes, 04 de mayo de 2012 13:45

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  • Hi,

    Did you want to reboot/shutdown one of the cluster nodes? Please provide details.

    lunes, 07 de mayo de 2012 3:22
  • Of what I understood, if you want to prevent failover to occur, then you only set the possible owners for the group in which this service is in, to only 1 node, till your internal tests are confirmed for the custom windows service.

    - thestriver

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    lunes, 07 de mayo de 2012 9:25
  • Hi, 

    I hope, cluster resource is on preferred owner concept will accomplish your requirement.

    Here is the link for that, try it once:

    Regards, Ravikumar P

    lunes, 07 de mayo de 2012 13:03
  • To prevent failover, on the “Policies” tab, untick “If restart is unsuccessful, fail over all resources in this service or application”.

    I'm assuming the issue is that when the custom service (cluster resource) is taken offline it:

    a) refuses to go offline

    b) has an unhandled error and "hangs" or becomes unresponsive but the service is still "running"

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    miércoles, 09 de mayo de 2012 10:17