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    I am in the process of trying to set up SQL logging from routing and remote access on a windows server 2003 to another windows server 2003 which is running microsoft SQL server 2005.

    What i did was i created a database named RRAS in the sql server and in routing and remote access i went under remote access logging and configured it, when i press "test connection" it says its successful. and when i check the local logfile i successfully configured i can see my connection attempts towards the RRAS. but in the sql database there's nothing, no tables or anything.

    I am sure i have the right permissions going on since i have only been using one account for everything so far(created the rras and the sql database), the SQL server is operational(it has a myriad of other databases that are used on a dailybasis).

    So i am wondering what component is missing? do i need to create the tables manually, is there a guide that tells me how to do that?

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    Hi Plindgren,

    Thanks for update.

    RRAS can only record its logs into a local file . IAS will help to record into SQL server and provide interface for connection to it.

    Please take time to read the articles we provided in order to get a better understanding.


    Tiger Li

    Tiger Li

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