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  • I have set up new domain tree in existing forest of windows server 2003. Root domain Dns name is abc.local & new domain tree dns name is xyz.local. Both zones are AD integrated so available to all servers. Both servers at Forest Root domain abc.local & Domain Tree root xyz.local are GC.

    abc.local DNZ zone is showing record for both GC servers & xyz.local shows no record for GC server. BOTH server belongs to different sites & different subnet. 

    Event ID: 1126 appearing again & again on xyz.local server for "Active Directory was unable to establish a connection with the global catalog. "

    i try by deleting all records in xyz.local zone & then by restarting netlogon service but no use...

    nslookup gc._msdcs.%USERDNSDOMAIN% command shows GC server for ABC.local zone but not for xyz.local zone

    Please help to solve this problem...

    dimanche 25 mars 2012 18:13


  • hi,

    this seems a problem with dns configuration ........telnet GCs of both site on port 3268 from the domain controller of xyz. If you can telnet then check your DNS zone...........

    recommended configuration is to have GCs records in _msdcs.domainname zone with replication scope "TO ALL DNS SERVERS IN FOREST"


    Himanshu Rana

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