Windows Media Server Question--Setting up a Broadcast for a specific date/time


  • Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't find how to make sure that a particular broadcast kicks off at a particular time(s)/date(s) rather than as soon as a user connects.   I've set up a serve-side playlist for a particular set of pre-recorded (might change to live broadcast later on) content on the server.  I can set up the asx/wmx files to run the clips as a broadcast but I need to run them ONLY as specific times and dates.  How do I control that without manually enabling/starting the broadcast through the mmc controls??????

    PS--using an older Windows Media Server now, moving to Windows 2008 r2 version of Streaming Media too.  Not sure if the 2008 version contains this level of control where the older one doesn't.

    vendredi 10 février 2012 20:58