wsus and other servers in DMZ (workgroup) need to communicate


  • Hi,
    I have WSUS 3.2.7600.266 and about 4 servers (Windows 2008 R2) in the DMZ in a Workgroup. 
    Does anyone know how I can configure the systems so the Windows servers will pull updates from the WSUS server in the DMZ?

    I hae tried this -> 

    I tried the script and it failed, it is for Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00. I need to apply it to a Win 2008R2 server w/ ver 6.1 registry editor. 

    Anyone suggestions?



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  • Hmmm... the SpiceWorks "How-To" could use a couple of improvements, but it's functionally accurate as to configuring a machine via the registry; however, the more reliable method is to use Local Policy on the machine and configure using the instructions in Configure Automatic Updates using Group Policy.

    As for the registry editor header....  export something from the registry, create a shell REG file, and paste the other settings in. I'm not even sure the header line matters, actually.

    Because your machines are in the DMZ, you'll likely need to open a firewall rule from the DMZ to the Internal network so those machines can find the WSUS Server.

    Also, make sure the DNS resolvers in the DMZ can resolve the WSUS hostname to the correct IP address.

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