Remote control domain, on some pcs is not selected ?


  • How comes today i couldnt login remotely with windows remote control to some domain pcs and when i saw the allow remote users was not selected. Nobody has aaccess to unselect that. How comes they arent selected some of them not all computers please help? Can this be enabled and forced by Group policy?
    But of course only admins can remote login to pcs


    jeudi 31 mai 2012 23:12

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  • Hello,

    Do you mean that one user account (non-admin domain account) has been moved from Remote Desktop Users on some of your domain machines but not all? See the picture attached.

    Do you aware of any new group policy applied to this user account or these affected machines?


    vendredi 1 juin 2012 04:30
  • Hey there, im sorry i do not understand your question.. i didnt touch anything in the group policy...


    samedi 2 juin 2012 00:27