how to restore virtualized Windows 2008 DC from Windows 2008 backup


  • Hi there,

    I have a Wondows 2008 HPV DC failed due to disk fialure. I have VHD file before I promoted DC, How can I restore it to DC from Windows 2008 backup?

    1. Can I promote the workgroup DC from workgroup first by reset the DC account from DC at remote site? If it's OK, then I don't have to do non-authoritive DC restore, right since DC can replicate info from restore site right? This DC only hold GC role?

    2. I have file sharing D:\ have Windows 2008 backup VHD file,  can I mount it the VHD (backup image) direct to the server?

    Thanks in adavance!

    lundi 26 mars 2012 22:33


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