Initial network timeout between Server and Workstations when printing and accessing webserver


  • We are having a weird initial timeout issue between the 2008 R2 server and a mix of XP and Win7 workstations. The server is new and was put in, in the last month.
    This has only been noticeable with two specific functions that the server provides, network printing and webform access on an Apache Tomcat server. Everything else works fine, file sharing, database access etc...

    I have found that initial printing requests and accessing forms on the Apache webserver are met with a long response times. The Apache form will timeout and the printing will take at least 30 seconds to go to the printer.
    Reopening the Apache form after the initial timeout will result in it working perfectly and printing straight after the first print job will result in it printing in less than 10 seconds as it is expected to.

    What I have tested so far is a restored image of this server using ShadowProtect HIR onto another box with a different set of hardware and drivers. Testing with a workstation attached to this I have confirmed that there are no problems.

    Network Adapter: Intel 82574L - Driver Version

    Thank you in advance.

    mardi 27 mars 2012 20:21