How Can I install Windows 2008 Server HPC edition all patches by Offline


  • Hi every body . greetings !!
    Any one please help me on this . 
    We have 12 windows 2008 HPC Servers ( cluster server ) which totally isolated from internet . Some of the security reasons from client we are not allowed to connect our servers to the internet ( even in 1 server ) ,  but strictly recommended to apply all patches periodically .   
    But the problem is as  HPC edition it is very rare and   hard to get patches periodically by offline . As per my knowledge for WSUS server we need connect minimum one server to the internet , and also Microsoft not providing such option to download the patches instead of installing it like Redhat linux allow using " yum download only " utility .  Here I need  your help to find any way or method to fill this requirement , 
    Also I am ready to subscribe with Microsoft if there is option to get offline patches from microsoft site  .  
    >>> Is it possible to configure WSUS server in my  laptop / workstation PC  and download patches by online , then copy & load  this data base in our servers manually

    Thanks by advance 
    mercredi 1 mai 2013 20:59


  • Here I need  your help to find any way or method to fill this requirement , 
    This scenario is covered in the WSUS Deployment Guide: Configure a Disconnected Network to Receive Updates.

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