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  • I've got a here-string with lots of emails in it that I want to pull out...
    how can I get all of them? \s(.+@.+)\s
    guessing that should be good enough but I cant recall how to do the
    multiline and multiple match bit...
    was going to just chop it up and do it the old fashioned way, but I figured
    I'd use this as a chance to drill in more regex :)
    rob? :)

    Justin Rich
    PowerShell V3 Guide (Technet)
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  • One way:

    $HereString | select-string -pattern '\b(\w+@\w+?\.\w+?)\b' -AllMatches


    Another way:


    ([regex]::Matches($HereString,'\b(\w+@\w+?\.\w+)\b') | select -expand value) 

    [string](0..33|%{[char][int](46+("686552495351636652556262185355647068516270555358646562655775 0645570").substring(($_*2),2))})-replace " "

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