Windows 2008 R2 DHCP long UNIQUE ID for switches


  • I have two 3Com switches which show these Unique ID entries in DHCP.


    Everything works fine, they are referenced in reservations and the reservations are active. I want to understand what they are.

    If I delete the reservation and reboot the switch they reappear in the DHCP scope with the same ID.

    Also I want to apply a Network Access Protection policy to the scope they are in and I therefore need to include them in the DHCP exemptions by calling station ID.
    I would like to understand what these are, and if anyone can tell me the shortest regular expression for these two long numbers it would be much appreciated.


    יום חמישי 31 מאי 2012 14:45

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your question.

    I am not so sure why the switches unique ID listed in DHCP reservation. It may be the switches to request the DHCP server to reserved IP address it. For such issue, I would recommend that you contact 3Com switches support team for further support. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,


    Aiden Cao

    TechNet Community Support

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  • I'm not sure they will help - the switch management software does not show these numbers anywhere. It show standard MAC addresses.

    These funny numbers only appear in the Windows (2008R2) DHCP.

    Hence my post here.

    However I will try HP as well.


    יום שלישי 12 יוני 2012 05:50
  • Hi Carol,

    you had any feedback from HP?

    I have the same problem with two HP 1910 switches ...


    יום שני 26 אוגוסט 2013 08:21
  • No help from HP so we got rid of them and bought Cisco ones instead. They behave as expected.


    יום שני 26 אוגוסט 2013 08:24
  • The solution can be found here:

    Edit the VLAN interface configuration from:

      interface Vlan-interface1 
       ip address dhcp-alloc 
      interface Vlan-interface1 
       ip address dhcp-alloc client-identifier mac vlan-interface 1 

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