Old Dhcp Server 2003 Domain Controller to New 2008 R2 Dchp Domain Controller


  • I have a client that is going to update his network with a new 2008R2 domain Controller transferring the FSMO roles from his old Windows 2003 domain controller to the new Windows 2008R2.

    His current window 2003 DC is running DHCP and DNS. This domain controller used to be part of a much larger class C network of about 200 computers, and when I was looking at the event logs, I noticed he was getting an error talking about 80% of the scope is being used.

    The current computer network is 3 servers and 14 client PC's. I went to DHCP and noticed that in his scope General options he has them set to unlimited instead of the default setting of 8 Days, and I think that is the reason why is scope is 80% used. The default option would have cleared out old IP address as computers were taken off the network.

    Before I transfer the DHCP database to the new server this is what I plan to do:

    1. Create reservations on the 2003 Server for the printers and other servers that require static IP's

    2. Set the default option back to 8 days. The setting should take effect an 1 hour after set. The result of this should clear out all the old IP address and re-assign new address to computers that are currently connected to the network.

    3. Go the DNS Tab and set the radio button to always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records and that should delete all the old DNS records as well.

    After doing these three steps, I should end up with 14 active leases 17 current DNS records counting the three servers in my totals. When I transfer the DHCP database to the new windows 2008R2, it should be pretty clean.

    Am missing anything in my assessment? I invite comment.

    Thanks very much for the help

    Rick Arnold

    Rick Arnold Arnoldconsult, MCP

    יום שישי 06 אפריל 2012 16:25


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