Terminal Server - pre logon 30sec disconnection


  • Hello, I have seem multiple questions similar to mine, but not quite what I'm looking for.

    I have a Server 2008 & Server 2008 R2 as Terminal servers. Thin clients connect to them, either re-purposed hardware or HP thin clients can connect to them. The issue is that they all disconnect from the logon screen after 30-40 seconds. The thin clients will go into a classroom/lab environment and we can't have 40 pc's flickering the logon screen.

    This is what I have tried with no results.

    On the right hand side you will see the MaxDisconnectionTime Dword (if the
    policy is already set). We can change the value for this MaxDisconnectionTime
    as follows:
    For one minute, set it to 60000
    For three hours, set this to 10800000


    -Create DWORD

    -Name: LogonTimeout (DWORD)

    -Value: Specifies
    the time in seconds – Decimal Value – 300. Hex - (12c)its 5 minutes. - 3600.
    Hex (e10) is 1hr

    -Please reboot the server after adding the above key

    12 Juni 2012 13:59