Confused about VM licensing


  • I was wondering if someone could point out a better document on licensing VM's in Hyper-V.  As I have a test lab that I'm building, I was activating each VM as I set them up.  But per the doc I read here, I have to assign a license to the host server????  This is most confusing to me.  How can this be done and how would the VM see the license??

    I also was curous on how to properly use/license differencing disks.  If my parent vhd is fully patched and activated, how would that affect each child vhd that uses it since the parent is already activated?  Same virtual hardware, just a different domain SID.  Or are you going to suggest that I don't activate windows until I setup the child?

    In regards to the parent vhd, I want to have a cold storage of a pre-installed server OS that I can keep patched and up to date, then when I need a new system to be built for testing, I can simply point the child to a copy of the parent of this patched server as so to minimize the time to get up and running.  I'm sure there are real world production scenarios like mine as well but I'd like to read more on how to proceed since I feel there are potential pitfalls that I am not aware of at this time.

    Thank you!

    28 Maret 2012 6:00