Slow Outlook 2010 performance with CRM 2011 Addin in Exchange online mode (not cached mode)


  • Hi,

    We are using BPOS for our exchange email service. We also use Citrix(RDS) to deliver Outlook 2010 to our users. Because we use RDS, we have to run Outlook 2010 in "exchange online" mode instead of "cached mode". The performance is very good when opening/replying/switching emails.

    However, after we added the CRM 2011 Client for outlook, the Outlook performance related to opening/replying/switching emails became horrible. It's so bad some users disable the CRM addin in Outlook and use a web browser to access CRM. This has nothing to do with CRM performance within Oulook which is great, the problem is emails within Outlook after the CRM addin is installed.

    I've also tested outside the Citrix environment and get the same results, so it has nothing to do with Citrix or RDS, except that exchange online mode is required in RDS. On my local PC, if I use exchange online mode instead of "cached" mode, I get the same slowness with email. if I switch outlook back to "cached mode' the performance is great again.

    So I guess a very basic question, is the CRM 2011 Outlook addin supported in "exchange online" mode? 

    If it is, what are the steps to troubleshoot because the performance is no where near acceptable at the moment.

    12 Juni 2012 20:50


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