Force 15 bit rdp when connection is slow.


  • Hi,

    I want to force users that connect over vpn to use the 15 bit color scheme instead of 32 bit but i can't seem to find a gpo for this.

    There is a gpo that specfies it for every rdp connection but then user inside of the company will suffer from this too. 

    Does anyone know a way to accomplish this ?

    thx in advance!

    13 Juni 2012 13:37

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  • Put those VPN users in a separate OU and link a GPO to this OU with the 15bit color scheme and you're done.

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    13 Juni 2012 19:21
  • Hi,

    You can do this with separate RDP-Tcp listeners, one for internal users and the other one for vpn users.  For example, say your server has two network cards, you can have the default RDP-Tcp set to the first NIC and then create a new listener called RDP-Tcp-VPN and set it to the second NIC.  In the properties of RDP-Tcp-VPN you limit it to 16-bit color depth.  This is done in RD Session Host Configuration (tsconfig.msc).

    To make this seamless you will need to configure your DNS records so that your VPN users are directed to the ip address of the RDP-Tcp-VPN network interface, and your internal users are directed to the ip address of the RDP-Tcp network interface.


    13 Juni 2012 19:49
  • Hi, 

    Thank you for the great idea. There's just one problem. We have 3 terminal servers grouped in a farm like fashion wit NLB. They each have 2 NICs - one for nlb and one for data. Is it still possible to do this then ?

    14 Juni 2012 5:51