Hyper-V: Windows Server 2003 Guest: Used Disk Space Incorrect


  • We are running a Windows Server 2003 guest on Hyper-V with Server 2008 R2.  We have a D partition that has its own virtual disk (VHD file) associated with it.  The disk is fixed at 80GB.  When we check the total size used by that partition using Mousesoft Directory Size or right clicking all the contents in D and letting it tabulate it shows 24GB used.  However, if we right click on the partition and go to Properties it shows that 75GB is used.  This is a basic IIS server and there is no way we are using 75GB as reported by Mousesoft Directory Size and CMD->DIR or right clicking on all associated files and clicking properties.

    Why is this guest reporting this size and how do we fix it?

    04 Mei 2012 23:13