Sysvol not Replicating


  • I have about 20 Domain Controllers spread over 12 sites. Everything is replicating correctly except SYSVOL. I am not able to find any errors in event logs. Have run all sort of diagnostic tests with dcdiag and repadmin but no error. Each of my 12 sites have a different administrator who has to create GPOs for users and machines in their site only. While I was searching for the problem, we  adopted a workaround i.e the administrator connected gpmc.msc to his local domain controller (not the PDC that is the default selection) first and then created the GPO so that the GPT is aval in his site's domain controller's sysvol for the GPO to work fine. But this has made sysvol among the 12 sites completely inconsistent as the GPCs only were replicating across sites but not the GPTs.

    Have gone through this

    But have few questions.

    1. Will it solve my problem?

    2. If yes, then guide me how I select the most updated sysvol as I have no Idea. All are inconsistent as everyday GPOs are craeted by the site administrators?

    3. Ok after getting the answer to my question 2, I select one DC as master. Then how will I back up the sysvol of all the DCs and then restore them after the primary server has uploaded its sysvol copy?

    4. Manual copying of sysvol contents works?

    giovedì 24 gennaio 2013 21:28