Any way to stream mp3s with 2003 Media Services that does not use x-ms-wax?


  • Hello,

    We are limited to the use of Windows Server 2003 with Media Services (version 9) to stream audio. We would like our files to be playable on a wide variety of platforms/browsers, but so far we can not get them to play on anything other than computers with Windows. I see that Media Services is serving our MP3s with mime type x-ms-wax. I would like it to serve them with audio/mpeg. That is the mime type I have specified in IIS. Is there a way to overrride Media Services' transformation of these files into MS media objects?

    I know one answer might be to this is upgrade the server to 2008. But because of bureaucratic issues, that can't happen right now. I would like to hear if this problem is solved in 2008.

    Thanks for any ideas!

    venerdì 5 aprile 2013 13:57


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