Which encoder is used on animated regions of the screen rendered through DirectX?


  • All Microsoft material that I have read leads me to understand that an RDP 8.0 RemoteFX server will encode an animated region of the screen for delivery to an RDP 8.0 RemoteFX client using Microsoft's implementation of an H.264 encoder but I have a niggling doubt as to whether this holds true for regions (which may be full-screen) that are showing DirectX games.

    Can anyone point to an authoritative reference that explicitly declares H.264 to be the encoder of choice in this circumstance, or a method to identify which encoder is in use?



    lunedì 10 dicembre 2012 21:10



    ...provides an authoritative reference. In particular, the article shows exceptions when the RemoteFX Progressive Codec is used such as when the H.264 codec is not available on the RDP client or a video has a low frame rate. Some other use cases seem to exist, as manifest by a trailing  "etc." in the listed exceptions.

    If anyone would care to mention readily-available diagnostics or instrumentation that gives more information about the negotiated conditions of a RemoteFX session, I would like to know about them.



    martedì 11 dicembre 2012 21:07