How to transfer Terabytes thru freebie drop box account?


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    I want to transfer a couple of terabytes of 0.1GB files thru a free 1GB dropbox account. As you might know, folks can share files with drop box simply by copying them to a drop box directory and their friends can see the files too.

    Can someone suggest how I might write  sender and receiver programs in powershell so the sender and receiver handshake where the sender copies a file into the drop box folder and the reciever waits until the upload is complete at which timeit renames the file to a non-dropbox folder and waits for the sender to copy another file into the drop box folder.



    siegfried heintze

    mercoledì 27 giugno 2012 00:38


  • Something like this pseudo-code:

    Computer A:
    copy-item -source file -destination dropbox
    copy-item "filedone.txt" dropbox
    do {start-sleep -seconds 1}(while test-file dropbox\filedone.txt)
    Computer B
    do {start-sleep -seconds 1{(while !(test-file dropbox\filedone.txt))
    copy-item -source dropbox\file -destination local\file
    remove-item dropbox\filedone.txt -force

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