Permission to retain folder structure


  • Hi Guys,

    i would like to ask if there's any way i could set the permission in a way whereby :

    - Deny users to add new folders to a folder- But users are still able to add files with FULL read write access

    If cannot is there any 3rd party software i can look into for this ?

    Best regards, Damien Ng

    venerdì 11 gennaio 2013 02:03


  • if you go into security-advanced-change permission and for example add or edit a user. in that advanced dialog you have the selection applies to. you can make 2 entries for a folder, one only applying to the folder which you give read permission, the other only applying to files with full access. I beleive this should be able to meet your requirement, but test it out first
    venerdì 11 gennaio 2013 09:24