Disappearing Documents


  • Hi all,

    An issue presented itself today for one of our clients.

    For 2 of the 5 TS servers we manage, the users' My Docs folders were wiped, all bar a few documents for each user.

    We have 1 Server 2008R2 RDS server, and 4 2003 TS servers. Replication occurs between all servers for Userdocs and TSProfiles.

    For users in Site1 and Site2 (both 2003 servers), their My Docs have vanished, and there is no trace of their documents on any of the other replicated servers. Lucky we have backups.

    However, documents for sites 3, 4 and 5 have been left alone.

    I have noticed that Site2's data drive (the drive that replicated folders are stored) is low on space - <600MB.

    My question is, what would cause documents of 2 sites to disappear, while the other sites have been left unscathed.

    I would have doubted that low drive space would cause deletion of data. Is this a possible cause?

    giovedì 2 maggio 2013 00:16


  • Check the ConflictAndDeleted folder (inside the DfsrPrivate folder - you may need to disable the 'Hide protected operating system files' option to see it).  There is also a ConflictAndDeletedManifest.xml file inside the DfsrPrivate folder that may show if the files have been removed by DFSR.

    In addition, check the DFS Replication event log on each server.

    giovedì 2 maggio 2013 07:46