streaming media server typical utilization


  • I am a hw engineer trying to understand the b/w requirement for a typical streaming media server.  Please help me with the following questions wrt a typical media streaming server:

    1) what is the typical configuration?  (processors, memory, I/O)

    2) what is the typical network traffic for this server?

    3) what is the memory size and memory b/w utilization?

    4) what is the I/O size and b/w utilization?

    5) what is the CPU utilization? and type/freq/corecount of the CPU(s)

    I know these are very generic questions and the answer might vary based on specific type of media streaming server.  In which case, pls tell me the type of media streaming server you are talking about.  MANY THANKS in advance!!!

    lunedì 21 gennaio 2013 16:23