Creating Second Server Name MAC Shares


  • I have a 2008 server, named server x, i want to create shares on this server for my mac clients presented as server y but also leave server x in tact. Is this just a simple DNS entry?


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  • Hi.

    You can have multiple names for a server but that does not give the different server different shares. All shares will be shared between both primary name and alias.

    To create a alias for the server you could either do registry changes for the LanManServer service, search for "OptionalNames LanmanServer" in a popular searchengine. Or just add the alias to the server, and then reboot the server. This will satisfy Windows, if the Mac has any strange preferences im not really sure of.

    netdom computername <servername> /add:<FQDN.aliasname>

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    Oscar Virot

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