What is the ideal configuration for a new server with virtualization


  • I am configuring a new server with Microsoft Server 2012.  I will have two virtual servers running on it.

    One of the virtual servers will be the app server, and the other will be the data server with SQL Server 2012 Server

    This is what I have done to accomplish this but I am looking for best practices solutions.

    I have Windows Server 2012 Standard edition installed as the main operating system. I have nothing but Remote desktop and Hyper V running on it.

    I have a virtual server with Windows Server 2012 installed for my Web server with nothing but IIS and Remote Desktop Server running on it.

    And then I have a virtual server installed with Windows 8 PRO running on it, and it has nothing but SQLServer 2012 installed on it as well as RDP.

    I assume this is the way it is intended, but something doesn't feel right about it with the two Microsoft Server 2012's. 

    is this the correct way to go about it?


    venerdì 18 gennaio 2013 13:41


  • Not really sure what you mean when you say "something doesn't feel right about it" So you'll need to elaborate a bit there.

    If you have a standard license of 2012, you are entitled to 1 POSE (Physical Operating System Environment) and 2 VOSE (Virtual Operating System Environments). Meaning you could install it on your host machine as the POSE and then install it within to VMs as your VOSEs.

    Your licensing is compliant then and you have no need of the Win 8 machine. It would be best practices to install SQL on a server OS as opposed to Win 8.

    Other than that, I don't really see anything wrong with your plan so long as you don't need any high availability or clustering.

    Hope this answers your question, if not please provide a little more info as to why you think this isn't correct.

    venerdì 18 gennaio 2013 18:20