Server side playlist, unexpected behaviour.


  • I'm using Windows Media Services 9.6

    I've created an on-demand publishing point, with Playlist content type.

    I've created a test wmv which is a screen capture of a stopwatch counting to 30 seconds.

    I'm experimenting with the clipBegin and begin attributes and getting unexpected behaviour.

    For example this playlist

    <?wsx version="1.0"?>
      <media src="1-30.wmv" clipBegin="10"/>

    The result is the video starts playing at second 5, not where I would expect it to be at second 10.

    Changing to clipBegin="15" and the video starts at second 10.

    I've tried

    • adding a <seq> tag and
    • tried adding the atttibute begin="0"
    • tried with adding units as specified in the Attribute Time Formats

    And the behaviour remains the same, ie the clip starts 5 seconds earlier than I would expect it to.

    giovedì 15 novembre 2012 00:13


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