Where Is The Short and Sweet Instruction Book On Deploying An Audio Server Strictly Using Microsoft Products?


  • Suppose my task is to upgrade from an old version of RealNetworks audio server.   There are several required, conceptually simple functions.   1) The server distributes a "live" audio stream that originates as an analog signal of a radio station (reading for the blind).  2) The server records the live programming for on-demand replay by date and time-of-day.   The server should deliver via RTSP protocol if possible.   So, where is the quick and clean way described to deploy Windows Server 2012 for the foregoing purposes?   I hear that I need an encoder.   Where do I go to get one of those?   I hear that the latest supported software falls to IIS as delivered with Windows Server 2012 with or without a required separate download.   Can you provide a path whereby I can replace an existing, barely functioning implementation with something that works beautifully?
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