Hyper-v Network card management


  • Hi .

    we are using 3 node Hyper-v Cluster and each node is having 4 network cards.

    1 for Management, 1 for Hearbeat , 2 for different VLan traffic we have three virtual switch ..two for Vlan and one for hyper-v management.

    how can i configure the hyper-v in such a way that live migration will use different nic than management one.

    second how can i configure the hyper-v network that if my management network ports fails then other nic can carry that managment traffic .

    i tried  setting like allow management traffic on this port but when i poweroff  the switch connected to management network the host stop responding.


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  • Hi!

    Please note that I'm not a Microsoft representative.

    If you have three virtual switches, and your management NIC is connected to one of the, then this would imply that the physical management NIC is shared with a external virtual network. If this is the case, then it is not recommended and you should dedicate the physical NIC to Hyper-V management, by removing that virtual network.

    To dedicate a specific network for live migration can be done by using the Failover Cluster Manager. You expand "Services and applications", select a virtual machine and right click it in the main pane and select properties. Then you go to the "Network for live migration" tab, it will look something like this

    You check the the network you want to use and disable all other networks by leaving those unchecked. You can check additional networks and prioritize them by moving them up and down. Click apply when you're done.

    Note that you do not have to do this for every VM. Setting live migration network settings on one VM will affect all other VM's as well.

    Now, for redundancy of your management NIC is best achieved by teaming at least two NIC's. This is currently unsupported by Microsoft, but there are lots of people using it. (MS has announced that NIC teaming support will be included natively in the upcoming Windows Server "8").

    2012年3月12日 19:18
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Can i use Hearbeat network Nic for Live migration .

    i am not using the NIC teaming but can i use the other nic for management in case of Management card Faliure.


    2012年3月12日 19:25
  • "Can i use Hearbeat network Nic for Live migration" --- It's not recommended, but yes you can.

    "can i use the other nic for management" --- Without teaming it with another NIC, not that I know of. Maybe some of the other guys on this forum knows of a way if there is one. I prefer teaming and I don't know of any other way to apply the same IP on multiple adapters without causing a conflict.

    2012年3月12日 19:34
  • Hello,

    I'd say the most important thing is to segment your virtual machine networks from your management and live migration networks.  The live migration network can be configured as Mike notes above.  In this case, you have a stable network configuration.  These might be helpful too:

    Nathan Lasnoski

    2012年4月3日 5:01
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