Printing is unreadable from Window 7 clients


  • We have a 2008 Terminal Server.  We created a RemoteAPP.  Windows XP clients can print from the RemoteAPP.  The driver is the Epson FX-286e and we use Easy Print.  Windows 7 clients cannot print clearly.  The text is broken and unreadable.  The Windows 7 drivers don't include the FX-286e driver but I tried one that is similar.  Running the app locally from Windows 7 prints fine.  When I run the RemoteApp and try to print it is not readable.  I tried the tip here...

    which basically tells the clients not to use Easy Print first but it doesn't help.  I also tried disabling "Enable advanced printing features" but that doesn't help either.  Any one know how to fix this?

    2012년 6월 11일 월요일 오후 6:18

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  • Anyone???
    2012년 6월 21일 목요일 오후 2:28
  • Have you already installed the Epson drivers to the server, rather than use Easy Print?

    Assuming it's a 64-bit server, first add the printer to the server in Print Management with 64-bit driver (assuming Print and Document Services role is installed), then right-click, choose Sharing / Additional Drivers, check x86, then point it to the 32-bit driver. Once both are installed, maybe it will print?

    2012년 6월 22일 금요일 오전 3:42
  • Thanks for the reply.  It's only a 32-bit server and the Epson drivers are installed but it doesn't help.
    2012년 6월 22일 금요일 오후 12:20
  • Is the Windows 7 client also 32-bit?

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    2012년 6월 22일 금요일 오후 8:21
  • Is the Windows 7 client also 32-bit?

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    Yes.  The client is also 32-bit.
    2012년 7월 11일 수요일 오후 3:58