Hyper-V hangs all VMs hang on the specific host


  • Hi all,

    We are running about 30 VMs on 8 Hyper-V hosts blade Servers. All physical servers have 135 GB system disk and an LUN from XIV storage. All VMs are created on this LUN. All Physical servers have atleast 8GB Memory and atleast 4 processor cores free. Issue we are facing is that randomly all the VMs on any specific Host hang, we can remotely access the Host server but cant access its VMs. All VMs freezes and services running on these VMs also stops. Even cant connect to any VM from Hyper-V, "Alt+Cntrl+Del" button dont work. Then we'll have to physically restart the host server and then after restarting the host server evertything comes to normal. No useful event found neigther in VMs nor in the Host machine event viewer. The issue has arises almost on all the physical servers randomly. Please any idea how to troubleshoot this issue? thnx in advance...

    2012년 4월 24일 화요일 오전 6:15

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